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A small package arrived in our mail box today from U.S. Department of Education. Signed by Marina McCarth and Simone Olson, the letter inform Tiffany that she has been named as a candidate in the 2013 United States Presidential Scholars Program.

The letter went to to state that “of the nearly 3.2 million high school seniors graduating this year, you are one of approximately 3,000 students to receive this invitation.”

2013 Presidential Scholars Candidates

The following are information regarding the PSP from Wikipedia:

All graduating high school seniors who are citizens of the United States, enrolled in either private or public high schools, and who have scored exceptionally well on either the SAT of the College Board or the ACT Assessment of the American College Testing Program on or before October of each year are automatically considered for participation. This is a pool of approximately 3,000,000 students.

The United States Department of Education then examines the test records for the top 30 males and top 30 females in each state/jurisdiction. The combined file of scores from the top male examinees and top female examinees are then ranked from high to low in each state. The scores associated with the top 20 male examinees and top 20 female examinees are used to identify the candidates in each state. When ties occur in the threshold score, more than 20 persons of that gender are selected in that state. The approximately 2600 selectees that remain are Presidential Scholar Candidates.

Candidates then go through a rigorous application process where they must submit candidacy materials, including essays, self-assessments, secondary school reports, and transcripts. Candidates are evaluated on their academic achievement, personal characteristics, leadership, service, and other extracurricular activities, and an analysis of their essays.

In mid-April approximately 500 Semifinalists are chosen by the White House Commission on Presidential Scholars. Members of this Commission are political appointees of the President of the United States. Six to twenty Semifinalists are identified for each state/jurisdiction by the review committee. The number of Semifinalists identified per state/jurisdiction is proportionate to the number of test takers for that state.

In May, the White House Commission on Presidential Scholars makes the final selection of up to 121 Presidential Scholars. One male student and one female Scholar are chosen from each state, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and from families of U.S. citizens living abroad. In addition, up to fifteen Scholars are chosen at-large.

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