Dorado Day 1: Welcome by Beach

| December 24, 2012 | 0 Comments

After a 10-hour-long trip (one drive to Lambert, two connecting flights through Miami, and another drive to hotel), we arrived at Embassy Suites Dorado Del Mar around 11PM local time (2 hours ahead of St. Louis time).

Even our sixth-floor room and balcony faces the ocean partially (towards northeast), the sound of the ocean could be heard clearly. It was a mumbling roar of the waves hitting the rocky cliff.

In the morning, Jonathan, Elaine and I took a walk to the beach and were greeted by the warm breeze from Atlanic Ocean and the sight of smashing waves, waving palm trees and sandy beaches.

Jonathan quickly immersed into waving crashing, rock climbing and castle-building on the beach, under the bright sun of Christmas eve.

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