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July 4th at Busch

| July 4, 2014

After watching a nail-biter game in which Cards beat visiting Marlins with a double-play pitch, we enjoyed a spectacular firework and music show at Busch Stadium.

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Big Snow Day

| December 14, 2013

A winter storm swept through the area early in the morning and blanketed the area with 3-4 inches of snow. After shoveling the wet snow in the driveway, I took some pictures of the nature.

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Story: Helping One Another

| August 30, 2013

In the fleeting moments while traveling for work, there are those that touched your heart and left a sweet memory. Here is one such story.

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Jona’s Wish

| August 24, 2013

A dialogue on wishes, carried between parents and the 9-year-old Jonathan, during rides to and from sports practice:

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Asian Parties: A Few Words Before College

| August 17, 2013

An article was posted on by a college-bound girl reflecting on the Chinese-American culture and her upbringing. In many ways she was critical of the value system impressed upon her by her parents and their cultural circles – high academic expectation, peer competition, parental guidance, even the “superfical” nicety of Asian parties  …  As the parent of a girl »

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Jonathan Rookie Baseball Record

| August 12, 2013

Jonathan played for Missour Chargers 8U team last season (March-July). This was his first full season on a drafted team (somewhat formal vs YMCA) and he showed the love and early talent for the game. He played all in-field positions, out-fielder and catcher, etc

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Seeker Class 2013 Fall Promo Video

| August 11, 2013

As a returned coworker for SLCCC Chinese Sunday School, I will lead Seeker Class from September to November. To promote interest and attendance for the class, I have been working on this previrew video for the past month and completed it earlier in the week. Here is the video and enjoy!

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Chargers Double Header – Play by Play

| July 6, 2013

Jonathan’s Chargers plays its last regular-season tournament this evening with a double header in a ball park in Ballwin.

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Dad Becomes My Brother

| June 24, 2013

My dad has possibly the shortest name in the world, only four letters in English, Su Li; but it took him a long journey to seek and find God. It is a journey of 60-year long. Today, Dad made a testimony that touched the heart of many, including his two sons and their families in »

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How to Raise a Harvard Kid?

| June 24, 2013

Our friends have been quizzing us lately on topics of education — how to raise a child who goes to Harvard? Elaine and I finally stumbled onto one plausible answer tonight as we dug through photo collection and memory lanes.   The unofficial answer: bring your kids to Harvard, setting them still in front of »

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